Sunday, November 8, 2009

~Confessions Of Twilight Addict~

Hey guys!

My names Mel, im 23, a mum and a college student studying nursing. I am fan of a lot of things animes, harry potter, bones, house but one of my current obsessions is twilight [yes just like any other girl out there i go gaga for twilight *Team Carlisle FTW*] and just like any other twilight fan I collect Twilight stuff not pins or calendars ... i collect the jewelry and clothes that were used in twilight [not the ones that the actors actually used but the ones from the same company or maker]. When I first saw the movie i loved bella's style she was real simple. so now im like obsessed in collecting twilight costumes. so this blog is going to be me slowly trying to collect all the twilight memorabilia i can find and hopefully it will be of some help to twilight fans out there. So I hope yall enjoy this blog as much as Ill enjoy making it.


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