Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~Bella's Hannah Billabong Jacket : Spot the Difference~

Hey guys!

I recently purchased my hannah billabong jacket from a lovely ebayer :D. Im sure a lot of you guys are rushing off to get your own piece of new moon by buying this jacket but be careful cuz most of the jackets that are out there are the reissue ones which doesnt include the details the first issue jacket has. Of course if your a die hard fan like me you would want the same one Kristen wears in the movie. so to help you guys out to spot the difference ive made comparison between the reissue and the original.

Original Hannah Jacket:

1. Billabong logo is separately sewn on

2. random stitching on the left pocket

3. buttons on the collar are on the outside flap

theres a 4th difference but i couldnt find a back picture of the original jacket so i used my jacket as reference.

4. random stitching on the bottom right at the back of the jacket

here are pictures of the reissue jacket

Note: I highlighted it and got pictures of the olive jacket so you can see it better.



yeah I know theyre minor details but your buying the jacket because kristen wore it of course youd want the exact same one.

if you dont mind having the reissue one, theyre still being sold at hansensurf for $64

but if you want the original issue and dont mind paying a ton of money your best bet is at ebay just ask the seller if the jacket has all the details posted above.

hope this helps anyone whos looking on buying their own hannah jacket :D

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