Sunday, November 8, 2009

~Bella's Jewelry~

Hey Guys!

I love love love Bella's Jewelry especially her turquoise cuff that she wears that she's supposedly inherited from her mum. I searched far and wide, up and down lolz okay okay ... and finally i found one that was easy on the wallet and was really stunning and looks almost exactly like bella's and at the same time i also found her moonstone ring. I got it from the sweetest etsy seller called Connie and her etsy shop is:

heres a picture of the Turquoise Bracelet:

and her moonstone ring:

They are exquisite ... made with real sterling silver and turquoise plus it has a really great price $120 for both the bracelet and ring. here are mine:

im using my web cam so the picture sucks but they're beautiful pieces of jewelry and a great investment if you ask me. they go with almost anything I wear. if your a Twilight Fan then you have to have this. Also neca has recently came out with a replica bella turquoise bracelet :

from what i heard from friends it looks real cheap and it looks like the turquoise is made of plastic and its huge, here a comparison of the sterling silver bella bracelets that are sold over etsy and the neca replica. This comparison picture was made by peachy2000 at

my advice is if you dont have the budget and you really want the bracelet go for the neca replica althought i dont think you would like wearing it especially if you have a tiny wrist, but if you have the money i would strongly suggest you get a real sterling silver Bella Bracelet from etsy.

and now for her other bracelets:

seen here is her St. Jude Bracelet and the matching prayer bead bracelet. I contacted John Henson the owner of the Twilight Costume Collection :

and I asked him what was the color of bella's St. Jude Bracelet since a lot of people seem to see if differently and he said that its deep mahogany or black wood. so i got the the black wood version from an etsy seller called luccita but she doesnt sell them anymore, but the etsy seller i bought my bella prayer bead bracelet from is selling the st. jude bracelet and the prayer bracelet as a set for $21.99 heres the link:

heres a pic of the set:

and here is mine:

this is the closest replica i could find of the prayer bead bracelet bella is wearing.

So I hope this helps in finding your own Bella jewelry :D message me if you guys have any questions whatsoever.


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  2. Greetings Twilight Fans! My WOLFPACK BRACELET IS NOW COMPLETE! ;D It is GORGEOUS and Sparkles like crazy! Check it out at:

  3. Hi there I actually am still on etsy making bracelets but I was slowing down a bit after neca released there version which sucked in my opinion lol but ya I still make them when i'm not working so come check me out LUCCITA on etsy

  4. Hi It's Connie with Illuminating Designs. Please note that my Etsy Store has moved to:
    Would you please change the web site on my Bella Bracelet and Bella Moonstone Ring. Thanks so much! Come and visit me. Hugs, Connie ;D