Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~Bella's Van Crash Scene Outfit~

Hey guys!
So I finally got my Ruth Cross Bella Mittens on the weekend . They are soft and awesome I haven't really used them yet since its not yet that cold here in Toronto but I will use it once it does. Anyways This outfit took me a while to collect and finish and its still not yet done partly done, I dont have the shoes and the jeans yet so for now Ill put the jacket and other stuff up.

The Jacket:
The original Jacket was a Rubbish Jacket but is no longer being sold. I got the replica Jacket from and here is my jacket:

Jacket is fully lined
Hood is lined with faux sherpa
The jacket itself looks AWESOME!!! its functionable I've already worn it a couple of times on chilly days and it has kept me warm. worn it over simple jeans and a shirt , like you can be a big twilight fan without anyone knowing lolz. My experience at cosplaysky was awesome Jim the guy that owns cosplaysky I think is very helpful , answered all the questions I has about the jacket and anything else about their costumes. The price for me I think is reasonable it being made to your measurements and a twilight replica its a pretty good price. If you want to purchase your own go to:

and i assure you they have the best customer service EVER!

Now for the crowning glory of my outfit lolz >.< [im such a loser] the mittens. Ruth cross Bella Mittens will create a hole in you pocket but if your a HUGE twilight fan you would want it. I had to email Ruth and be put on the waiting list for the mittens. I had to wait for about a month for it to be my turn. here are the pics:
The Mittens
Detail inside mittens

I lurve my mittens :D they're unbelievably warm and cute!!! if you want to purchase your own Ruth Cross website is:

note: email Ruth to get on the waiting list for the mittens.

I'm still working on getting a similar henley to what bella is wearing here I did get one but its not hooded but its a long sleeved cream henley from Gap body and a brown tank top from wal-mart for $3. as for the jeans still searching for a good dupe of the lucky brand lola jeans bella wears in the movie and the shoes gosh im still searching for that too I've contacted simple shoes and they said they should reissue the simple retire's next summer dont know why wait that long :( anyways once I have the other pieces Ill update this post for now this is all :D

Hope y'all have a good day :D

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