Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~Bella's Van Crash Scene Outfit~

Hey guys!
So I finally got my Ruth Cross Bella Mittens on the weekend . They are soft and awesome I haven't really used them yet since its not yet that cold here in Toronto but I will use it once it does. Anyways This outfit took me a while to collect and finish and its still not yet done partly done, I dont have the shoes and the jeans yet so for now Ill put the jacket and other stuff up.

The Jacket:
The original Jacket was a Rubbish Jacket but is no longer being sold. I got the replica Jacket from and here is my jacket:

Jacket is fully lined
Hood is lined with faux sherpa
The jacket itself looks AWESOME!!! its functionable I've already worn it a couple of times on chilly days and it has kept me warm. worn it over simple jeans and a shirt , like you can be a big twilight fan without anyone knowing lolz. My experience at cosplaysky was awesome Jim the guy that owns cosplaysky I think is very helpful , answered all the questions I has about the jacket and anything else about their costumes. The price for me I think is reasonable it being made to your measurements and a twilight replica its a pretty good price. If you want to purchase your own go to:

and i assure you they have the best customer service EVER!

Now for the crowning glory of my outfit lolz >.< [im such a loser] the mittens. Ruth cross Bella Mittens will create a hole in you pocket but if your a HUGE twilight fan you would want it. I had to email Ruth and be put on the waiting list for the mittens. I had to wait for about a month for it to be my turn. here are the pics:
The Mittens
Detail inside mittens

I lurve my mittens :D they're unbelievably warm and cute!!! if you want to purchase your own Ruth Cross website is:

note: email Ruth to get on the waiting list for the mittens.

I'm still working on getting a similar henley to what bella is wearing here I did get one but its not hooded but its a long sleeved cream henley from Gap body and a brown tank top from wal-mart for $3. as for the jeans still searching for a good dupe of the lucky brand lola jeans bella wears in the movie and the shoes gosh im still searching for that too I've contacted simple shoes and they said they should reissue the simple retire's next summer dont know why wait that long :( anyways once I have the other pieces Ill update this post for now this is all :D

Hope y'all have a good day :D

Sunday, November 15, 2009 New Moon Prize Pack Giveaway~

Hey guys!!

The movie is coming and im sure a lot of you are off to buy posters and the soundtrack and basically anything "twilight" you can get your hands on. well here's your chance to a prize pack courtesy of

New Moon Soundtrack GIVEAWAY!

Posted on 11. Nov, 2009 by gypsy wings in News


This week, in honor of a certain movie, that is soon to be released, we have a fun giveaway for you. We have some New Moon Soundtrack Prize Packs! We will be giving away 3 of them this week. Each pack includes a CD, a Poster, and a Bookmark.

The soundtrack is now available for purchase at

There are several ways to enter this contest this week. You can earn multiple chances to win.

*Leave a comment here on this post telling me what scene you want to see most in New Moon.

*Tweet about this contest, then leave a new comment on this post linking back to your twitter

*Post on your blog, facebook, or myspace about this contest and leave a new comment here linking back to your post.

This gives you several different ways to enter so you get a better chance of winning if you do them all!

Please remember that for each entry you MUST leave a new comment on this post, when leaving your comment it’s important that you leave a valid e-mail address in the e-mail box because that is how we will be contacting our winner. A winner will be chosen at random from the comments. The deadline to enter in Tuesday November 17th at Noon Pacific time. Good luck everyone!"

go to:

to enter: good luck guys :D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~Jacob's Dreamcatcher: A birthday present for Bella~

Hey Guys!

I recently came across an etsy seller that makes an almost identical dreamcatcher that Jacob gave to Bella for her birthday here are pictures of his works:

The seller is selling it for $15 pretty good price if you ask me heres a link to his etsy store:

~Bella's Hannah Billabong Jacket : Spot the Difference~

Hey guys!

I recently purchased my hannah billabong jacket from a lovely ebayer :D. Im sure a lot of you guys are rushing off to get your own piece of new moon by buying this jacket but be careful cuz most of the jackets that are out there are the reissue ones which doesnt include the details the first issue jacket has. Of course if your a die hard fan like me you would want the same one Kristen wears in the movie. so to help you guys out to spot the difference ive made comparison between the reissue and the original.

Original Hannah Jacket:

1. Billabong logo is separately sewn on

2. random stitching on the left pocket

3. buttons on the collar are on the outside flap

theres a 4th difference but i couldnt find a back picture of the original jacket so i used my jacket as reference.

4. random stitching on the bottom right at the back of the jacket

here are pictures of the reissue jacket

Note: I highlighted it and got pictures of the olive jacket so you can see it better.



yeah I know theyre minor details but your buying the jacket because kristen wore it of course youd want the exact same one.

if you dont mind having the reissue one, theyre still being sold at hansensurf for $64

but if you want the original issue and dont mind paying a ton of money your best bet is at ebay just ask the seller if the jacket has all the details posted above.

hope this helps anyone whos looking on buying their own hannah jacket :D

Sunday, November 8, 2009

~Bella's Jewelry~

Hey Guys!

I love love love Bella's Jewelry especially her turquoise cuff that she wears that she's supposedly inherited from her mum. I searched far and wide, up and down lolz okay okay ... and finally i found one that was easy on the wallet and was really stunning and looks almost exactly like bella's and at the same time i also found her moonstone ring. I got it from the sweetest etsy seller called Connie and her etsy shop is:

heres a picture of the Turquoise Bracelet:

and her moonstone ring:

They are exquisite ... made with real sterling silver and turquoise plus it has a really great price $120 for both the bracelet and ring. here are mine:

im using my web cam so the picture sucks but they're beautiful pieces of jewelry and a great investment if you ask me. they go with almost anything I wear. if your a Twilight Fan then you have to have this. Also neca has recently came out with a replica bella turquoise bracelet :

from what i heard from friends it looks real cheap and it looks like the turquoise is made of plastic and its huge, here a comparison of the sterling silver bella bracelets that are sold over etsy and the neca replica. This comparison picture was made by peachy2000 at

my advice is if you dont have the budget and you really want the bracelet go for the neca replica althought i dont think you would like wearing it especially if you have a tiny wrist, but if you have the money i would strongly suggest you get a real sterling silver Bella Bracelet from etsy.

and now for her other bracelets:

seen here is her St. Jude Bracelet and the matching prayer bead bracelet. I contacted John Henson the owner of the Twilight Costume Collection :

and I asked him what was the color of bella's St. Jude Bracelet since a lot of people seem to see if differently and he said that its deep mahogany or black wood. so i got the the black wood version from an etsy seller called luccita but she doesnt sell them anymore, but the etsy seller i bought my bella prayer bead bracelet from is selling the st. jude bracelet and the prayer bracelet as a set for $21.99 heres the link:

heres a pic of the set:

and here is mine:

this is the closest replica i could find of the prayer bead bracelet bella is wearing.

So I hope this helps in finding your own Bella jewelry :D message me if you guys have any questions whatsoever.

~Confessions Of Twilight Addict~

Hey guys!

My names Mel, im 23, a mum and a college student studying nursing. I am fan of a lot of things animes, harry potter, bones, house but one of my current obsessions is twilight [yes just like any other girl out there i go gaga for twilight *Team Carlisle FTW*] and just like any other twilight fan I collect Twilight stuff not pins or calendars ... i collect the jewelry and clothes that were used in twilight [not the ones that the actors actually used but the ones from the same company or maker]. When I first saw the movie i loved bella's style she was real simple. so now im like obsessed in collecting twilight costumes. so this blog is going to be me slowly trying to collect all the twilight memorabilia i can find and hopefully it will be of some help to twilight fans out there. So I hope yall enjoy this blog as much as Ill enjoy making it.